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Weather in Major Cities of Czech Republic

  Prague   2 °CMostly Cloudy  Night, Thu 1:07
  Brno   2 °CMostly Cloudy  Night, Thu 1:07
  Pilsen   4 °CVery cloudy  Night, Thu 1:07
  Liberec   -0 °CVery cloudy  Night, Thu 1:07
  Olomouc   9 °CVery Cloudy  Night, Thu 1:07
  Ostrava   5 °CMostly Cloudy  Night, Thu 1:07


The weather and climate of Czech Republic
The climate is temperate; cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters

The capital of Czech Republic is Prague
Population of 1378700; - weather in Prague

Airports in Czech Republic

El Tiempo en Republica_checa

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